A strong educational system is fundamental to Colorado‚Äôs success.  We must provide quality education so that our children are well equipped to compete in our increasingly global economy.  I believe that a strong education system drives a strong economy by making our state more attractive to business investments and expanding job opportunities.

I attended public schools while growing up and several public colleges, including Colorado State University where I received my Doctorate Degree in Reproductive Endocrinology.  I know that education opens doors to new possibilities so we must do a better job in investing in P-12 and higher education.

I will advocate for our education system at all levels.  All children should have access to early childhood education so their education begins with a strong foundation for success. We need to support the students and teachers in P-12 education to ensure our young people will be prepared for life after high school.  We must do more to support our higher educational institutions, such as our own Colorado State University, including community colleges, such as Front Range Community College, and apprenticeship programs in Fort Collins and around this State.

As we respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we must continue to defend and advance our educational institutions. The known reality in Colorado is that education at the P-12 levels is sorely in need of funds. I will continue to support programs that provide Colorado students with quality environments and resources enabling them to advance into higher education and careers. Investing in our teachers, school staff and students is of utmost importance to improving every aspect of Colorado life.