Improving quality of life for seniors is one of my top priorities. Colorado has a significant aging population—one that is only expected to grow. Yet, seniors face challenges everyday related to health care costs and accessibility, transportation, housing, and community engagement. I sponsored a number of bills this past session to make prescription drugs more affordable; increase access to economical housing options; support decision-making for older adults and those with disabilities; and establish an alternative response pilot program to give human and social services more flexibility when working with at-risk adults: all with seniors in mind.

Fort Collins is a great place to retire, and seniors play a very important role in our community. The “baby boom” generation has a lifetime of experience and knowledge that can be harnessed to create a positive change in our community. As Fort Collins works to help our seniors, I know that seniors also help Fort Collins to solve community issues.

I listen and work to address the needs of our seniors, and I expend every effort to make sure they can continue to lead healthy, secure, and independent lives. I am committed to working hard on behalf of our aging population and to serving Coloradans of all ages.