2013 Legislation

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HB13-1111: Regulation of Naturopathic Doctors

Signed by Governor on 6/5/13

This bill recognizes and regulates Naturopathic Doctors in the state of Colorado and sets a standard for NDs to be able to practice.

SB13-215: Alternative Health Consumer Protection 

Signed by Governor on 6/5/13

This bill provides important safeguards and disclosures between regulated and non-regulated alternative health providers and practitioners. It also defines what practices can be performed and by whom, depending on credentials.

SB13-225: Stroke & Heart Attack Victim Quality of Care

Signed by Governor on 5/24/13

This bill designates hospitals based on their ability to receive heart attack and stroke patients and will provide for better care for patients based on capabilities of treatment centers.

SB13-277: Prior Authorization Drug Benefit Process 

Signed by Governor on 5/15/13

This bill streamlines the process by which doctors can submit prescription drug benefit information to insurers. This bill saves patients and doctors time and money.

HB13-1062: Regulation Public Insurance Adjusters

Signed by Governor on 3/22/13

This bill requires adjusters to be licensed by the state and protects citizens from deceptive adjusters.

HB13-1083: Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program

Signed by Governor on 3/29/13

The bill requires the Office of Transportation Safety in the Colorado Department of
Transportation (CDOT) to establish new eligibility standards for students and instructors for the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training (MOST) program. Under the bill, the CDOT is required to create a system to record program data, including accidents, injuries, and fatalities. The bill also allows a driver’s license holder from another state to enroll in a MOST course, providing they are a Colorado resident.
The bill also recreates the MOST Advisory Board. The board, which will consist of 12 members, is required to make recommendations on training methods to increase safety and program effectiveness. The board is required to meet at least four times per year. Members on the board are not reimbursed for their board activities.

HB13-1275: Front Range Oil & Gas Human Health Study

Lost in Committee on 4/11/13

Section 1 of the bill directs the state board of health in the department of public health and environment to issue a request for proposals to conduct a review of existing epidemiological data regarding the effects of oil and gas operations on human health in the counties of Larimer, Weld, Boulder, and Arapahoe and one or more control areas.
The selected contractor must provide its analysis of the data in a report to the general assembly by March 15, 2014. The contractor must file interim reports with an oversight committee appointed by legislative leadership and the governor. The report must include the committee’s recommendation regarding whether a follow-up study to collect and analyze new epidemiological data is warranted. Section 2 authorizes the
use of the mill levy on oil and gas production to pay for the review. The final report or an interim report may include a finding regarding whether the division of administration in the department or the Colorado oil and gas conservation commission should enter a
cease-and-desist order against continued oil and gas operations, emission of air pollutants, or the discharge of water pollutants from any specifically identified oil and gas facilities. Section 3 directs the division to enter a cease-and-desist order against the continued emission of air pollutants from those facilities if the report finds that it should and the division agrees that it should, section 4 requires the same for the discharge of water pollutants, and section 5 requires the same of the commission.

SB13-004: Electronic Renewal of Senior identification Card

Signed by Governor on 5/16/13

This bill allows seniors over 65 years old to electronically renew their drivers’ license.