2014 Legislation

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HB14-1281: Right to Try ActSigned by the Governor on 5/17/14 This bill allows increased access to investigational treatments for terminally ill patients. Colorado is the first state in the nation to pass this bill. 

HB14-1227: Sunset Continue Dental Examiners BoardSigned by Governor on 6/6/14 This bill renews the state dental regulations and continues the state board of dental examiners. Ginal worked with stakeholders to enact amendments to make these regulations more effective. 

HB14-1359: Synchronize Multiple Prescriptions Signed by Governor on 5/17/14 This bill allows for seniors/people with chronic conditions to get their prescriptions filled simultaneously and increases adherence & convenience for these people.  

SB14-144: Family Medicine Residency Programs In Rural AreasSigned by Governor on 5/31/14 The commission administers the Colorado Family Medicine Residency Training Program, which places family medicine residents in hospitals throughout the state. The commission is housed in the Department of Higher Education and funding for the Colorado Family Medicine Residency Training Program is provided through appropriations to HCPF. Currently, nine hospitals are provided funding from HCPF to offset the costs of operating family medicine residency programs. In FY 2013-14, the appropriation for these payments to hospitals was $3.4 million, including $1.0 million appropriated in Senate Bill 13-264 for the development of family medicine residency programs in rural areas. 

HB14-1310: Funding Breathalyzers For Law EnforcementSigned by Governor on 5/31/14 This bill purchases more breathalyzers for law enforcement agencies throughout the state to conduct DUI roadside tests. 

HB14-1297: Analyze Health Data Regarding Front Range Oil GasLost in Committee on 4/29/14 The bill directs the department of public health and environment to conduct an analysis of human health and quality of life within the counties of Larimer, Weld, Boulder, and Adams with the intent of understanding any possible effects of oil and gas operations on communities within these counties. The department must consult with a
newly created scientific oversight committee regarding the design and conduct of the analysis and preparation of interim and final reports on the analysis. 

HB14-1205: Veterans Assistance Grant ProgramSigned by Governor on 5/26/14 This bill creates a grant program for non-profits or government agencies that provide services to veterans. 

HB14-1277: Military Family Relief Fund Eligibility Signed by Governor on 4/25/14 This bill expands Military family relief fund to include National guard members who were activated for state duty.

HB14-1173: Sunset Controlled Substances Abuse ActSigned by Governor on 5/31/14 This bill continues the Controlled Substances Abuse Act and makes sensible changes as recommended by the review committee. 

HB14-1109: Limit On Consumer Liability For Unsolicited ChecksLost in Committee on 2/18/14 This bill specifies that a consumer is not liable on the debt resulting from the use of an unsolicited check unless the consumer accepted the check by using it. This also requires a credit card issuer who sends an unsolicited check to a consumer to conspicuously disclose the interest rate and finance charges associated with use of the check and prohibits the use of terms such as “pre-approved” on the outside of the

HB14-1215: Fed Home Loan Bank Rights In Collateral Of InsurerSigned by Governor on 3/21/14 The bill prohibits a receiver or liquidator of an insolvent insurer from avoiding obligations to a federal home loan bank with regard to collateral under a security agreement. Any transfer of, or obligation to transfer, money or other property in such agreements involving a federal home loan bank must be honored, except if the transfer is made with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud existing or future creditors.

SB14-019: Status of Taxpayers Who May File Joint Returns

Signed by Governor on 2/27/14

This bill requires partners in a civil union to file their Colorado taxes using the same filing status as on their federal tax return. The bill also allows these taxpayers to amend prior year tax returns subject to federal conditions. In addition, SB14-019 replaces “husband or wife, or both” with “two taxpayers” and “spouse” with “taxpayer” under several Colorado income tax statutes.

SB14-101: Veterinary Technicians Deceptive Trade Practices

Lost in Committee on 3/18/14

The bill establishes a deceptive trade practice under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) for veterinary technicians, certified veterinary technicians, and veterinary technician specialists who, either orally or in writing, make false statements about their professional qualifications. All veterinary technicians, certified veterinary technicians, and veterinary technician specialists can only use the professional titles for which they possess the necessary educational background, accreditations, and documentation from the appropriate veterinary association.