2015 Legislation

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HB15-1029: Health Care Delivery Via Telemedicine Statewide  

Signed by Governor on 3/20/15 

This bill removes the population restrictions and stops a health benefit plan from requiring in ­person care delivery when telemedicine is appropriate, regardless of the geographic location of the health care provider and the recipient of care. This bill expands access and quality of healthcare for everyone in Colorado.

HB15-1075: Registered Naturopathic Doctor Treating Children 

Signed by Governor 3/26/15

This bill allows a registered Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to treat children under two years of age, if the ND meets the requirements set under certain guidelines. It sets the stage for collaborative care between registered NDs and licensed pediatric healthcare providers and expands the parent’s options for healthcare providers and services.

HB15-1135: Terminally Ill Individuals End-of-life Decisions

Lost in Committee on 2/6/15

This bill would have affirmed the right of a qualified, terminally ill adult to obtain a prescription from their physician for medication that they may choose to self­-administer for a humane and dignified death.

HB15-1147: Require License To Practice Genetic Counseling

Lost in Committee on 4/8/15

Currently in Colorado there is no standardized set of requirements that define a healthcare provider as capable of preforming genetic counseling services.This bill will require a license to practice Genetic Counseling, and allow for regulation under DORA. This bill promotes a quality, integrated healthcare approach to genetic counseling and will expand the access to genetic counseling services for many Coloradans.

HB15-1232: Emergency Use Of Epinephrine Auto-injectors 

Signed by Governor on  5/14/15

This bill promotes the use of emergency epinephrine auto-injectors, or EPI Pens, by trained individuals in non-school settings. It also allows places, such as workplaces, recreation facilities, or government buildings to keep an emergency public access station (EPAS) equipped with EPI Pens.

HB15-1269: Transfer Persons to and from Correctional Facility 

Signed by Governor 4/24/2015 

This bill clarifies procedures concerning the transfer of inmates between the Department of Corrections (DOC) and the Department of Human Services (DHS). Specifically it clarifies that inmates may only be transferred from the DOC to DHS when such a transfer is done in accordance with a policy that provides for due process and in situations where the inmate cannot be safely confined in a DOC facility. This policy is required to be in place by August 1, 2015.

The bill repeals the authority of the DHS to transfer non-offenders to the DOC. The
DHS may only transfer a person receiving care at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo or Fort Logan to a DOC facility if that person is serving a sentence to the DOC. The DHS is also authorized to return a person to the DOC if the inmate cannot be safely confined in the DHS facility

HB15-1297: Optometrist Health Insurance Contracts 

Lost in the House on 4/21/15

The bill prohibits insurance carriers who offer health plans that cover optometric services from engaging in certain activities, including: establishing or limiting the fee an optometrist may charge for eye care services or corrective lenses that are not covered by the health plan; requiring that an optometrist participate in any other plan or network as a condition of participating in one of the carrier’s health plans or networks; requiring an optometrist to participate in credentialing standards that are different from those that apply to other health care professionals; requiring the use of specific sources of corrective lenses or optical laboratory services from which an optometrist may recommend when treating covered persons; limiting the payment or reimbursement for eye care services or corrective lenses to nominal or de minimi amounts.

HB15-1309: Protective Restorations by Dental Hygienists

Signed by Governor 6/5/15 

The bill allows dental hygienists to receive a permit from the Colorado Dental Board to
perform interim therapeutic restorations. In order to receive a permit, a dental hygienist must: hold a license in good standing to practice dental hygiene; carry professional liability insurance; complete required training; and complete a board-approved course concerning interim therapeutic restorations.

HB15-1327: Limit Proxy Marriages to Military & Contractors 

Signed by Governor on 5/27/15 

The bill limits proxy marriage in Colorado to absent persons who are military personnel or military contractors located out of state or in another country. In addition, to apply for a marriage license for a proxy marriage, the bill imposes the following requirements: both parties to the marriage are 18 years of age or older; one party is a Colorado resident; and one party appears in person and pays the required fees.

HB15-1352: Naturopathic Doctor Formulary Changes 

Signed by Governor 6/5/2015

The bill expands the authority of registered naturopathic doctors in a variety of ways,
including the ability to obtain medication from a registered or licensed drug outlet, administer medication, and dispense medication to patients. Specifically, the expanded authority applies to the following: obtaining and administering saline, sterile water, topical antiseptics, and local anesthetics with epinephrine in connection with minor office procedures; obtaining and administering oxygen in emergency situations, vitamins B6 and B12, and immunizations to persons over the age of 18; and obtaining, administering, and dispensing FDA-regulated substances that do not require a prescription.

HB15-1360: Acupuncturists Practice Injection Therapy

Signed by Governor 6/5/2015 

The bill allows licensed acupuncturists to practice injection therapy, which is the injection of sterile herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic substances, or other similar substances into acupuncture points using a hypodermic needle. To practice injection therapy, an acupuncturist must complete the required training as specified by the director of the Division of Professions and Occupations in the Department of Regulatory Agencies. In addition, the bill permits acupuncturists to obtain substances for injection therapy from a registered prescription drug outlet, registered manufacturer, or registered wholesaler.

HB15-1363: Infrastructure Resistance to EMP & Solar Flare 

Lost in Committee on 4/29/15

The bill requires the Colorado public utilities commission to examine and make recommendations for mitigation of the vulnerability of existing electric generation, transmission, and distribution facilities and other vital infrastructure to electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and geomagnetic storms. The bill directs the commission to take into account the progress of similar efforts at the federal and regional level and to estimate the costs and effects, both statewide and regionally, of the adoption of any potential mitigation measures.