Building back a healthy economy and job market for all Coloradans is one of my top priorities in the legislature. COVID-19 has had a significant and damaging impact on our state and national economy, and in the 2021 Legislative Session, I focused on solutions to accelerate our economic recovery.  I am confident that we will meet this unprecedented challenge and come back even stronger.

Coloradans are struggling to find jobs to support their families. I want to make sure that every Coloradan has the opportunity to succeed. We must support our local businesses not only through legislation, but also by “shopping locally” – and keep Fort Collins a leader in supporting innovative entrepreneurs. Small businesses and their employees must be protected as they have a powerful impact on the economic health of our community.

I also advocate for workforce development programs designed to prepare Coloradans for the jobs of the future, the kind of jobs that provide a living wage and support individuals and families throughout our State. I know we will persevere and rebuild our economy to one of the strongest in our nation.